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As DJI's oldest Korean partner, Helsel Co., Ltd. strives to develop and expand the drone industry in Korea, and does its best to satisfy customers by providing customer-centered services.

In order to develop the drone business of Helsel, the company established a research institute for R&D and product production in Jeonju city, Korea in 2015 to expand its business scope from the general drone market to the industrial drone market, and is growing into a company specializing in drone technology in name and reality.

With 14 years of diverse drone experience, we have completed drone one-stop service with more than 11 patents, one-stop technical support personnel, and one-stop product repair and technical consultation personnel.

 Based on the development and dissemination of industrial drones needed for general and industry, the company is expanding its business further to provide software and solutions using data acquired by drones to customers.

We are carrying out a photogrammetry education project. We will complete the establishment of a drone specialized education institution authorized by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority and become a "Drone company with customers, A world-renowned drone company, and A drone company that shares profits with society."

Based on the management philosophy of "Individual growth is the company's shared growth, Clear planning thorough goal realization, and Flexibility that is neither too fast nor too slow," all employees of Helsel will do our best to provide customer satisfaction services.

Thank you.

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