After Service


Import and distribute various RC products for the retailers in korea under name of "Helicraft Korea"


Retail all the RC products for the direct customers under name of "Helsel Korea"


Advertising and Marketing for the newest RC Products


Drone reparing service by high skilled enginner


Testing new products and advice the testing report for improvement


Market reasearch and Sales activities


Helicam(Drone) Development, Selling.

Service of Drone
We handle everything from very small, fledgling mini-surfaces to professional drones, industrial drones and agricultural drones used by experts.
Service of Filming equipment
Customers are need good equipment for good imaging. Helsel handles the necessary equipment to produce high quality images.
Service of Drone Repair
The best engineers are always in place to provide customers with quick and precise service.

Helsel co., Ltd

Tel : +82 2 2202 2898

Fax : +82260082181

Email :

Address: 209 Daemyung Valeon, 127 Beopwon-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea 05836 

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