Smarter Agricultural System

folding structure
Ease of movement / storage

reasonable price
low maintenance cost

rational structural design
economical maintenance

strong output
take-off weight gain

It's equipped with GPS.
precision aerobaticity

precise dispensing

Selectable 10L and 16L

medicine containers

- Basic 10L medication container fitted.
- You can select 16L large-capacity medicine containers.

Folding arm structure

- Apply folding arm for greater mobility
- When folded: 700*700 mm (based on the motor shaft)
- When extended: 1405*1405 mm (based on the motor shaft)

Light and firm.

- Main frame of light and hard carbon material
- Excellent structural stiffness
- Securing excellent durability even in harsh prevention environments

Powerful motor

- Powerful output of 110KV
- Maximum take-off weight increase enables stable flight
- Fast ventilation with a wide blast structure

Folding propeller

- Designing in consideration of aerodynamics
- Improved stability of the gas
- Foldable structure for easy storage and movement

Precise dispensing nozzle

- Minimize drug waste and maintain the best spraying power
- Extensive dispensing by downward winds in propellers.
- Designed to minimize gas contamination and drug loss


A 0.9ha flight on a single control.

CERES-X has a 16000 mAh dual battery that

allows 24 minutes of normal flight and approximately

12 minutes of pesticide control.
CERES-X dispenses 0.9ha of farmland for

10 minutes at a time based on a 10L drug tank.
It's about 40 times faster than the speed with

which people are mobilized.
Once the CERES-X is fitted with a

16L medication tank, a larger plain can be controlled.
The 16L medication container provides approximately 60 times more efficiency than the speed with which the workforce is mobilized during control.

Smart Point Flight System

CERES-X automatically flies on A-B electro-dynamic flights

to the desired path and provides more robust control.


Intelligent Spray System

Intelligent spray systems do not spray drugs between flights except for fore and aft, reducing drug waste and contamination, enabling economical gas operation.

Break Point Memory

During the control operation, all drugs are exhausted and the aircraft is returned to its initial take-off point using a manual flight or automatic back-home function at the point where they were not sprayed. After replenishing the deficient medication, take off and automatically move to the undisposed point with a single operation to start spraying again.


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