Helsel EU

Hellel EU is located in France and specializes in waterproof drones and ocean
exploration drones.

Other drone companies handle marine drones, which are difficult to access,
and contribute to the drone industry.

Address:The Rabauds 86260 St Pierre de MaillĂ© France

Company Name: HELSEL Co.,LTD / HELSEL Business Registration No.: [241-81-00240] E-commerce Permit No. 
Phone: 82-2-2202-2898 Fax: 82-2-6008-2181

Address:209 Daemyung Valeon knowledge industry center 127 Beopwon-ro, Songpa-ku, Seoul, Korea 05836 
Personal Information Manager: Ricky Chang (rickychang@helsel.co.kr)
Contact rickychang@helsel.co.kr / jenyjung@helsel.co.kr for more information.

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