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We have put together all the education halls and all of the educational information in one place.

As drone industry develops, people are becoming more interested in drones.
And the importance of certificates is rising.

As a result, there are many training centers for drones, but they are not enough for people to get

information to address this, Helsel once again challenged.

The name is DronePang Mall,

information about drone training facilities located in various parts of the country,
And they put together what they were educating and all that information.

We create a place where people enjoy, communicate, relax, and lots of information about Drones.
People want to have a busy modern life and relax on the one hand, And people need rest.
It doesn't have to go far, it can connect fast, it loves drones.
Or it's for people who want to communicate with many people.
A lot of information, a variety of news, and interesting contents are waiting for you.
This is DronePang.

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