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Drone sports is a newly-rising sport of the upcoming 4th industrial revolution. The game doesn't involve physical human bodies, but it only involves drones covered by round-shaped guards, thus allowing literally "anyone" to play the game, no matter what one's physical or mental identity belongs to. The game involves two teams up to five players per team. 

Helsel is currently expanding the drone sports industry beyond Korea by endlessly developing and manufacturing new sports drones and their accessories. Different from other typical drone sports, Helsel's sports drones are composed of safeguards that not only protect the drone itself but also prevent any human injuries that may cause during the drone flight. Helsel's drone sports is not just a game played by individuals. It is a sport in which the matter of victory depends on a team's teamwork. 

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Enjoy a thrilling soccer game with HELSEL's sports drones.

Motor / ESCs

HELSEL's motor and ESCs will strengthen your soccer drones' overall performance.

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Remote Controller

Experience easier drone control with HELSEL's remote controllers.

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Just simply charge your sports drone with HELSEL's charger.

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HELSEL's full carbon frame for Striker will protect your soccer drone from a harsh collision during game.

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