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Ricky Chang

Chief Executive Officer


Thank you for your interest in our company.

Helsel Co., Ltd. strives to develop and expand the drone industry of the world and put its utmost efforts to provide satisfactory services to customers. The company established a research institute for R&D and production in Jeonju city in 2015 in order to widen its business area to the industrial drone market. 

With 18 years of experience in the drone industry, we have completed drone one-stop service with more than 11 patents, one-stop technical support personnel, one-stop product repair, and technical consultation personnel.

Based on the development and distribution of industrial drones needed for individuals and industry, we are expanding our business further to provide customers software and solutions by utilizing data acquired by drones.

Carrying out a photogrammetry training project, we are currently on our way to complete the establishment of a drone specialized education institution authorized by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority.

By endlessly contributing to the lives of individuals and society through providing the assistants of human lives, we promise to make the world a better place for the entire humanity.

Thank you.
Ricky Chang

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