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Manage your crops in a smarter way.
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CERES 10S V2 is a pest-control drone that proves its outstanding features even at a reasonable price. CERES 10S V2 can manage crops in various sizes of lands with its simple structure, rigid airframe, easy-to-carry folding arm, and precise spraying.

SESOS-K, The Flight Controller.

CERES 10S V2 is equipped with SESOS-K flight controller. With three IMUs, two CPUs, and two barometric pressure sensors equipped, SESOS-K monitors data in real-time during a flight through an advanced diagnostic algorithm. In case of an error regarding one CPU, IMU, or barometric pressure, the second CPU, IMU, or barometric pressure automatically operate in order to maintain the drone's stable flight. 

Generally, the difference in the flight performances of an agricultural drone when the tank is full and when is empty was evidently distinct. This led to the user's struggle in getting used to the drone control. However, CERES's flight controller, SESOS-K, shows equal flight performance regardless of the payload. Another feature of SESOS-K is that it doesn't require the user to manually maintain the drone's altitude since it automatically maintains a stable altitude. 

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Manage More Than

2.45 acres of Land

Based on 16000mAh dual-battery equipment

  • Regular Flight: 20 min.

  • Flight with pesticide (2.6gallons): Approx. 13 min.

  • Pest-controlling approx. 2.45 acres of land for 10 min.

  • 40 times faster than human


Break Point Memory (BPM)

CERES 10S V2 accurately performs user commands. Both A-B automated flight and M-Plus flight ensure definitive pest control. In addition, it does not spray during normal flight. It only sprays during forward & backward flight which consequently reduces waste and pollution of pesticides, thus enabling economic operation. In case of lack of pesticide during spraying, it comes back to the initial take-off point through manual flight or automatic back-home function. When it takes off again after replenishing, it automatically returns to the point where it stopped dispersion and then begins spraying again.


Portable Folding Arm

Ceres 10S V2 is easy to carry and store due to its folding arms and folding propellers. Its unfolded width is 6.4 ft but when it is folded, its width shrinks to 1.6ft.


Rigid Aluminium Frame

With the aluminum arm which is lightweight but rigid, the possibility of airframe distortion due to prolonged use is prevented.

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Dispensing Nozzle

The dispensing nozzle of CERES 10S V2 minimizes waste of pesticide and still maintains the best dispensing power.  CERES 10S V2 has four dispensing nozzles, each located at the bottom of the motor. The pesticides are widely sprayed by a powerful downward wind caused by the rotation of propellers. The bottom part of the nozzle is made up of metal for a double lifespan and doesn't get clogged easily even in prolonged use.


Easy-to-clean Canopy

With equal spraying power and definitive pest-control, the cleanliness of the upper part of CERES 10S V2 is always maintained, which allows easier management.

To enable the use of a dedicated tank for different kinds of crops, CERES 10S V2 tanks are designed to be detachable. Tanks can be replaced easily by removing only the four bolts on the upper part, and thus dramatically reduces confusion and the damage that may cause by the wrong use of agricultural chemicals. In addition, the size of the tank hole is doubled compared to the previous one, thus allowing rapid injection.

Detachable Tank

청결한 캐노피.png

Status Check with LED Lights

The different colors of LED lights indicate different drone status. This allows you to check its status just at a glance.



CERES 10S V2 is a highly stable and safe pest-control drone recognized by the state agency in Korea. It is a state-recognized agricultural machine that successfully passed the Agricultural Practicalization Foundation's Agricultural Machinery Test.



Dimension (Unfolded)

Dimension (Folded)


Max. Take-off Weight

Max. Flight Distance

Max. Speed

Flight Duration

Pesticide Load Limit

Operation Efficiency

Effective Spraying Width



6.4' x 5.5' x 1.5'

1.6' x 1.6' 1.5'

32.8 lbs (16000mAh battery 2ea


54.9 lbs

1km (Flight within visible area



Approx. 13 min ~ 25 min