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Revolutionary flight controller produced
with Helsel's powerful technology.
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As a potential industry-leading flight controller, SESOS-K is produced with Helsel's powerful technology and endless research development. As a brand-new flight controller, SESOS-K is an excellent choice for all kinds of uses with its wide range of compatibility including the transformation between Atti mode and GPS mode for ultra-light aircraft training drones, spraying mode for agricultural drones, and Breakpoint Memory.


No matter which one you have.

SESOS-K shows equal flight performance even if it is attached to different types of drones of different payloads. This is due to the existence of dual CPUs and triple IMUs which make it possible to control the position more precisely.

Outstanding Compatibility

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Remote Controller




Data Link

Smart Battery

The SESOS-K flight controller is designed to be compatible in a variety of areas including all S.BUS remote controllers, pest-control drone pumps, spraying tank, as well as industrial products such as Lidar, RTK, and aerial photography equipment. Third-party flight controllers are only compatible with the solutions and parts from their own manufacturer, but SESOS-K is compatible with all companies' products. 

Supporting Korean

hangul window.png

SESOS-K setting software supports Hangul (Korean).
If you are familiar with Hangul, it helps you customize it much more easily with it, which has not been supported by third-party software. It can be used for drone software training and drone maintenance by quickly setting up the aviation system.

Dedicated Hangul application

hangul application.png

The SESOS-K flight controller is designed to be set up in a dedicated Hangul application in addition to the Hangul software. Simply create your account and access the application to quickly and easily adjust the setting of your drone.

Pest-control. Training. Research.


Pest-control Drone

Drone Training Center

Drone Research

  • Granule spraying

  • Pesticide spraying

  • A-B Point mode

  • GPS mode

  • M+ mode

  • Supports various modules

  • Hangul app. & software

  • GPS / Atti mode

  • S.BUS Remote controller


  • Meets ultra-lightweight flying

      device requirements

Safety first.


During a fast forward flight, drone moves with the help of the strong force of the two rear motors. At this point, the drone's altitude goes down little by little and the altitude has to be kept consistent by pushing the throttle stick upward. 

Equipped with a dual barometer pressure sensor, SESOS-K increases the precision of the flight by maintaining the drone's altitude consistent regardless of the direction it moves. This ultimately prevents drone crashes which may happen due to an unstable drone flight.

GPS / Atti Mode Conversion


SESOS-K features GPS / Atti conversion function to make a drone useful not only for

pest-controlling but also for drone training centers. Whenever you enter a course during a practical test in a drone training center where you have to switch your drone to Atti mode, SESOS-K allows you to do it.


Switching into Atti mode doesn't mean your drone will show unstable flight performance. It still allows you to control your drone precisely even when your GPS is disconnected.

Strong Durability

temperature image.jpg

The operating temperature of the third-party flight controllers is -10°C to 45°C. But SESOS-K is different. The SESOS-K flight controller records operating temperatures from -10°C to 60°C and can withstand the heat generated from the airframe during pest-control operations in midsummer. Not only that, SESOS-K is designed with a dual impact absorption structure that effectively responds to the vibration of the airframe, thus ensuring a stable flight.

cpu image.png

No more worries.

With three IMUs, two CPUs, and two barometric pressure sensors, SESOS-K monitors data in real-time during flight through an advanced diagnostic algorithm. In case of an error regarding one CPU, IMU, or barometric pressure, the second CPU, IMU, or barometric pressure automatically operate in order to maintain the drone's stable flight.

  • The server will be supported later.

  • Hangul application is currently available on Android only.

SESOS-K flight controller is not a toy. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before using the product. This product is not suitable for users under the age of 18. This product is a professional flight control device manufactured and developed for industrial uses. It meets the needs of users who need crop management, crop surveying, and aerial photography. The high quality and safety of the product are reflected in the development of the flight control system to ensure stability and reliability. This product requires sophisticated setup and fundamentally requires technical skills and knowledge. Do not use this product in any manner other than the instructions provided by Helsel. It is very important to read and follow all instructions and precautions written in the user manual prior to use in order to operate drones correctly to prevent safety accidents, injuries, and product damages. Be sure to remove the propeller when setting up the flight controller and check the normal power supply, correct connection of the hull, and abnormal pressure when combined. Make sure you keep enough distance between the drone and the user and make sure that there are no fragile or hazardous objects around you. When using this product, the user and any third person may experience property damage or personal injury (including direct or indirect damages) due to the following reasons (there are various circumstances other than listed). Repair and exchange due to defective products are limited to the products purchased, and the manufacturer and the vendor are not liable for any other kinds of user injuries, material damages, or damage to the airframe.

Please make sure to read the details of this notice before purchase.


Supported Airframes

Maximum Motor Wheelbase

Supported Gearbox

Supported Remote Controller

Supported Receiver

Fields of Application ​

Operating Voltage Range


Operating Temperature



Storage Temperature


Vibration Durability Level






Maximum Altitude


Maximum Flight Distance




Maximum Tilt Limit


Maximum Yaw Rate


Maximum Vertical Speed


Flight Mode and Features ​

Quadcopter (+ type, X type)

Hexacopter (+, X, IY, YI contra-rotating


Octocopter (+ type, X type, V type)


6.56 ft


PWM ESC of 490 Hz or less

(compatibility check required

before flight) ​






K-BOT, IOT, RTK, obstacle avoidance,

ground-based radar, integrated flight 

controller, FPV camera, ​flowmeter, 

liquid level sensor




14°F ~ 140°F


-13°F ~ 140°F




Total Weight : 11.32 oz 

FC: 3.06 oz

PMU: 1.44 oz


FC: 2.85"*1.89"*0.89"

PMU: 2.1"*1.35"*0.57"

GPS: ø2.44"*0.5"

LED: 0.94"*0.94"*0.31"


Lower than 0.6 mi recommended


6.2 mi (Flight within visible area



Horizontal : ±4.9'  Vertical : ±1.6'








Atti, GPS, A-B flight path planning, return-to-home, failsafe, under-voltage protection, log record, vibration prevention, automatic noise reduction, direction sensor, dual pumps, low medicine notification, precision spray, water pump switch control

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