Realize smarter crop management and drone training.

Excellent Educational Drone

- Received Safety Certification of Korea (Class 1)

- Conversion to ATTI mode without GPS intervention

The ideal FC, SESOS-K

- Equipped with 3 IMUs, 2 CPUs, 2 barometer sensor

- Helps to maintain stable altitude during flight

- Helps to maintain equal flight performance even with different payloads

- Operating temperature of 14°F ~ 140°F

Spraying on 3.26 acres of land per flight

- More than 60 times efficient than human workforce

- Flight duration of 25 min. in normal flight, 14 min. in flight with pesticides filled

Fly according to your desired direction.

- Automatic spraying according to user's desired direction in A-B automated flight

- Obstacle avoidance function when setting up obstacle areas

Break Point Memory

- Automatic return when the pesticide is used up

- Automatic return to the point where it stopped spraying after replenishing pesticide

Wire Protection

- Designed to prevent wire disconnection

Heavy-duty 16L Pesticide Container

- Container hole that is 2 times wider than the existing product

- Flight with max. 16L of pesticides

Perfect Dirt Inflow Protection

- Preventing dirt inflow in the area between arm & canopy

- Prevention of vibration with rubber material

Cooling System

- Overheating prevention system equipped

- Maintaining best airframe status 

All-in-One Intuitive Design

- Intuitive powerboard design

- Perfect combination with SESOS-K

- Spark-protecting circuit design

- AS150 battery cable connection

Intuitive Status Indicator LED 

- GPS / spraying / A-B flight mode indicator

- Shows drone's current mode

- Strengthened visibility

Obstacle Detecting Sensor

- Front & back obstacle detecting sensor attachable

- Stop & bypass when detecting an obstacle

Foldable Arm Structure

- Foldable arm for advanced portability

- Space-saving with foldable propellers

- Dimension when folded: 27.5"x 27.5" 26.1"

- Dimension when unfolded: 73.2" x 73.2" 26.1"

Outstanding Pest-control System

- Dual pump system equipped

- Flowmeter equipped

- Y-shaped dual nozzle equipped

- Spraying large area

Advanced RC

- 16 channels / Touch Display

- Supports both English & Korean

- Throttle protection from dust

- Precise home sensor gymbal equipped



Drone Type



Max. Take-off Weight


Propeller Type


Max. Continuous Voltage

Cooling Method




Unmanned Aerial Vehicle /

CERES 16H (Quad)

73.2" x 73.2" x 26.1"


74.9 lbs

37.7 lbs (Including two 6S 16000mAh


C34128 (CW) / C34128 (CCW)



Forced air cooling


110 kv



Max. Current

Max. Operating Voltage

Supported Battery





12~14S Li-Po


Rated Voltage



Arm Pair (A)

22.2V / 25.2V when fully charged

Lithium Polymer (Li-Po)

6S (3.7V per cell) - 12S used for

series connection

16000mAh x 2EA (battery)


Operating Type

Operating Mode

Receiver Frequency

Operating Method

Max. Operating Distance

Max. Operating Altitude

Operation Altitude

Spraying Width

Flight Speed

Total Flight Duration



Wireless remote control

Mode-2 (Standard), Mode-1


Location control / GPS mode +

Position control + AB mode

300m (No additional forward


20m (No additional elevation)



1~8m/s (Limit to 6 m/s)

Max. 14 min. (After spraying with

pesticide equipped) / Max. 24 min.

(No pesticide equipped)

 Safety Functions 

Frequency hopping, automatic landing during disconnection, 1st low-voltage (43.2V) LED warning, 2nd low-voltage (42V) automatic landing, different warnings and suggesting lamps, flight record

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