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The perfect charger for industrial use.
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다간1080 최신 이미지.png
정밀 충전.png
Precision Charge
Two 6-cell lithium-polymer battery charge (LiPo / LiHV)
3가지 충전모드.png
동기화 설정.png
대표설정 & 복사설정 영어.png
펌웨어 업그레이드.png
배터리 저항검사.png
다중 보호기능.png
배터리 장기보관 기능.png
Three Charge Modes
Fast charge / Precision charge / Long-term storage function allow easier battery management
Simultaneous synchronization of multiple chargers with data 
Main Setting & Copy Setting
Reduction of installation time 
Firmware Upgrade
Easy firmware upgrade with USB port
Battery Resistance Check
Battery status check with battery resistance check function
Multiple Protection
Line break protection / Upside-down installation protection
/ High temperature
Long-term Battery Storage
Battery status check with battery resistance check function
220V 어댑터.png
배터리 전압 검사.png
220V Adapter
Immediate charge preparation without the need of separate power supply
Battery Voltage Check
Disconnected battery voltage check
Korean Version Available
Korean version available for menu, display, manual


다간1080 최신 이미지.png

LCD Screen Channel 02


Air vent

Operation button

On/off switch

LCD Screen Channel 01

Balance Port

AC input port

Cooling Fan

Data Link

PC Link

배터리 저항검사_.png

Multiple Charger Synchronization

Battery Resistance Check

It can charge two 6-cell lithium-polymer batteries simultaneously.

(LiPo / LiHV)

Multiple chargers can be synchronized by using a data cable. When the main charger synchronizes data, the remaining chargers synchronize with the existing data.


Input Voltage

Maximum Output rate

Maximum Discharge rate

Charging Current Range

Balancing Type

Battery Charger Types

No. of Battery Charger

Charge Modes



100 - 240V

1080W (540W x 2)

100W (50W x 2)

1.0 - 20.0A x 2

1.0A / cell

LiPo / LiHV

Two 6-Cell lithium polymer


Fast Charging Mode

Precise Charging Mode

Long-term Storage Mode

10.7 x 7.9 x 4.6 inches

10.7 lbs

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