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Portable & easy-to-operate dual charger.


Dagan 1500 is Helsel's new charger that can charge 12 / 14-cell lithium polymer and 12-cell high-voltage lithium-polymer batteries. With Dagan 1500's maximum electric power of 1500W, it can charge pest-control vehicles both indoor and outdoor. Dagan 1500 is capable of charging two batteries simultaneously when used with a 3K generator in 2400W, and two Dagan 1500s can charge four batteries when used with a 5K generator in 4000W. Even if you use different electricity indoor, it can safely and quickly charge with an electric power of 1500W.


More than that, its weight of 9.2 lbs and its curvy design with no sharp edges prevent the possibility of damage. Dagan 1500's simple interface makes it easier to operate and charge batteries just in few steps. It has a function that prevents over-current, over-charging, and over-heating. Also, it shows its charging status in real-time with its LCD display on the front.


On top of that, its balance port detects the total voltage of a battery pack and controls the charging current according to the battery's voltage. Charging a high-capacity battery may cause over-heating. To prevent this, Dagan 1500 is equipped with a low-noise large wing blade and a wide air vent which allows the internal heat to be released quickly. It is also equipped with a high-quality filter that protects the intervention of dust into the product. Its detachable design allows an easier cleaning process. 

Main Features

3 Different Modes
Dual Charge
Easy Operation

(Fast-charge, normal-charge, Storage mode)

Korean Supported
Over-current, Over-charge, 
Over-heating Prevention
Short-circuit Protection

Simple Interface

Dagan 1500's simple interface allows convenient charging only with few steps. Just choose a mode from 3 different charging modes, and press the "Start" button, and you're ready to go.


LCD Display

During charging, the LCD display shows charging time, battery electric power ratio, and the current of all single cells.


High-performance Dual Charge

It can charge two batteries at the same time in low-speed charging mode with maximum charging electric power by using high electric power and dual channels.


CAN Compatibility

Dagan 1500 has a built-in CAN Bus communication function. It can charge lithium batteries and smart batteries that have a balance port.


Pre-charging Function

The charger can detect the total voltage of the battery pack through the balance port and intelligently control the charging current according to the battery voltage. 


Wing-Blade & Air Duct

The design of the wing-blade reduces noise and increases the wind performance, allowing smoother heat release.


High-quality Filter

The high-quality filter of Dagan 1500 is located at the end of the fan. It is detachable which makes it easier to remove and clean. It filters debris and dust to protect the internal part of Dagan 1500 from foreign substances.


Small but Powerful

The structure of Dagan 1500 is highly optimized in order to pursue a perfect volume vs. electric power ratio. You may feel that its size is small, but its ability as a charger is surprisingly powerful enough to make you feel satisfied.


Optimized Algorithm

With a revolutionary circuit design and optimized algorithm, Dagan 1500's efficiency and stability became trustable to meet your needs. Well-structured space layout and outstanding industrial design guarantee stability and durability.


Conformal Coating, Better Protection

Corrosion-protecting paints are applied to protect electronic components of major circuits from extreme environments such as moisture, mold, and smoke corrosion. The reliability and stability of the charger are guaranteed for outdoor work.

Output conversion rate
PFC with Circuit (Dagan 1500)
AC input
Output conversion rate
AC input
PFC No Circuit

Eco-friendly PFC Circuit

Active PFC achieves an efficiency of 93% by acquiring the best ratio of power factor through modifying the electric power consumption with the circuit.


Product Name



Input Voltage

Charging Power

Discharging Power

Battery Type

Supported Cell

Operating Mode

Operating Temperature

Operating Humidity

Storage Temperature

Storage Humidity


Dagan 1500

11.5 * 5.3 * 8.3 inches

9.2 lbs

AC 220V



LiPo / LiHV

LiPo: 12cell / 14cell

LiHV: 12cell

Fast-charging mode,

slow-charging mode, Storage mode


32°F ~ 104°F

0% ~ 75%

14°F ~ 158°F

0% ~ 75%


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