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Adorable but intelligent.
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Roundy Round.

Born with a round design, DoongDoong can be used safely due to its circular frames that surround the four propellers. The very bottom part of the drone legs where they touch the ground are protected with rubber to prevent impact during landing, thus minimizes the possibility of drone damage.


Colorful LEDs.

Not sure what to play with? DoongDoong is here for you.

The round frames surrounding the propellers can glow with colorful lights, which means that it can be a perfect Christmas present for your loved ones. Or if you are getting too bored with quarantine these days, try DoongDoong to feel that holiday vibe at home.


The only drone that can rotate in one place or can fly in a circular motion just by pressing a single button. 

Now show off your drone-controlling skill to your friends!

Automatic Rotation Mode.


360° flip.


Flip your DoongDoong in 360 degrees in the air! 
Just press one button and the drone will prove to you its amazing skill.



Select the speed you want.

DoongDoong's speed can be adjusted to 3 levels.

The fastest speed will make you goosebumps because it's so fast!


Headless Mode.

It doesn't matter which direction the front side of the DoongDoong is facing. With headless mode, you can control your drone through the direction you view, regardless of the direction of the drone.


Supports both Mode 1 & 2.

Another feature that other drones for beginners don't support! 
DoongDoong supports both mode 1 and 2 transmitter modes for users who are only used to a single transmitter mode.


Altitude Hold Mode.

DoongDoong is equipped with a barometer sensor to maintain its altitude.
This means there is no need to manually manipulate the drone to hold the altitude. DoongDoong automatically maintains it even when you don't operate your remote controller.
Depending on the wind speed, the drone may move left or right, but you can still practice controlling your drone by manipulating it with the control rod.



Flight Duration

Operating Temperature


Guard Material

Remote Controller Frequency

Flight Distance

Battery Capacity

Battery Voltage

Battery Type

Battery Energy

Chargeable Temperature

Charging Time

2.8 oz

Approx. 10 minutes

32ºF ~ 104ºF

6.3" x 6.3" x 2.9"

Flexible guard


65.6 yd



Lithium polymer


41°F ~ 104°F

80 minutes ~ 100 minutes

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