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An elastic soccer ball that will minimize physical impact in a drone soccer game.


Following the drone football-inspired Dronepang V2, the Dronpang F1 version was released. Equipped with an elastic guard that can withstand strong impacts, you can safely play drone games anytime, anywhere. It is equipped with various functions such as 3 levels of speed control and one-touch takeoff and landing, so you can enjoy the game much more effortlessly. 

Not only that, but repairing the tools included in the accessory set will make it easier to repair your Dronepang F1. In addition, up to 30 drone fangs can fly simultaneously in one place without malfunction due to interference, making group drone games possible.

Now, try the new Dronepang F1 and experience a new world of drones.





Softness, triumph over strength

It is a highly elastic flexible guard shell that does not break even in a strenuous flight.
It boasts a much more robust material than the previous version.

Strengthened Output

The Dronpang F1 PRO delivers the highest performance flight. Even with many shocks,

it can fly stably without degrading flight performance.

Faster, faster!

3 levels of speed adjustment are available. Choose from three modes: low-speed mode, normal mode,

and high-speed mode for exhilarating speed.

One-touch take-off and landing

Automatic take-off and landing is possible at the push of a button.

Even beginners who are new to drones can fly easily.



360° flip.

Is it boring to just run? Flip in any direction you want. You can feel the thrill like never before.


Can you fly at the same time? YES
One-to-one fixed connection

Multiple drones can fly together in one place without radio interference.

It's also perfect for school education!

(Up to 30 units) Adopts a one-on-one binding method that can only operate one drone ball with one remote controller.

(No binding required for each flight)

4 colors,
In my favorite color!

I don't know what to choose, so I've prepared everything.

Fly with your favorite color drone fang with your own personality!


Two-color remote controller

It is sent randomly regardless of the color of the drone with two color remote controllers.

F1 PRO, what's better than its predecessor?

Collision resistant and significantly improved flight

Compared to its predecessor, which was relatively vulnerable to collisions, its flight capability has been noticeably improved. It does not fall easily even in frequent collisions, and it is not easy to break.




Flight time


Flight distance

Maximum speed


charging time

Charging method



74g (drone) / 24g (battery)


Approx. 6 minutes (hovering)

Approx. 50 m (may vary depending on surrounding environment)


7.4V 450mAh 2S 25C Lithium Polymer Battery

Approx. 50 minutes (may vary depending on battery level)

Charging the USB cable



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