E-KUAT's upgraded data processing and flight performance
will elevate your drone to another level.

Equipped with high specification MCU, E-KUAT's ability of data processing and flight performance has been improved. Not only that, with the existence of built-in 5V BEC, its combination with accessories such as LED, camera, and VTX is achievable too. EKUAT is gradually getting popular among its users due to its purpose which is to maximize the strong output in drone soccer and drone racing. It is equipped with a rubber damper at each point of the ESC in order to avoid any interference caused by the vibration of the drone's airframe.


Motor Wire Connection
2mm Gold Connector
Motor Wire Connection
2mm Gold Connector
Battery Connection
XT60 Connector

With the new connector-joining method,

now even beginners can assemble drones without having to solder the wires onto the ESC.

The Kuat Motor Pro has also been upgraded to the new connector-joining method. Therefore when the connecting wires are matched to the same color, the rotating direction of the motor does not have to be changed, which consequently leads to the prevention of any kind of human mistakes.

​(KUAT Motor Pro has to be purchased separately.)


Upgraded data processing.

Upgraded flight performance.

Achieved with the equipment of high-specification MCU.


Built-in 5L BEC allows you to combine it with LED, camera, and VTX.

Widely-Opened Air Vent.

The specially-designed heat shield and advanced ventilation ensure stable output and lower the ESC's temperature. E-KUAT's equipment of Low ESR MosFET won't let itself to get overheated even if you use it for a long period of time.

Rubber Damper Equipped.

The four rubber dampers at the corners of the ESC absorb vibration.

Connecting Method

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