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Full-carbon center frame.
Mighty as its name.
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Mytee is a full-carbon center frame that is used for Striker, the soccer drone.

Compared to the previous plastic frame, it minimizes air resistance which leads to an increase in the drone's runtime and the improvement of its mobility.

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Scientifically-designed Arms

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The scientifically designed arm of Mytee increases flight time and maximizes mobility by minimizing air resistance, and is also resistant to external shocks as the four arms are assembled towards the center part of Mytee.​

Main Upper / Lower Plate

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Mytee's main Upper & Lower Plate serves as a link to make the arm stand stronger. It is also scientifically designed so that it can withstand external shocks easily. The Upper and Lower Plate have built-in insert nuts for each part, ensuring convenience and ease of assembly.


Undoubtedly Durable, and Lightweight

Mytee's center frame was designed with different thicknesses for each part in consideration of the external impact and was developed through research on lightening the overall weight while ensuring the stiffness of the frame.
Higher rigidity and lighter weight have expanded the range of choice of batteries of various sizes, eliminating restrictions on airframe tuning such as LED mounting.

Its rigidity could come possible since it was designed to fundamentally block vibrations caused by frames. It consequently increases the durability of the soccer drone 'Striker'. 
Thanks to the perfect design, there is no need to worry about the distortion of the motor mount. This enables the drone to fly quicker.


Don't get overloaded with assembling.

Even if you are just a beginner in this field, you can assemble Mytee effortlessly. Just follow what the manual says.

Wait, what if the assembled center frame gets damaged? 

No worries. You just need to replace the damaged part only, without having to replace the whole frame.

Together Makes It Stronger.
How To Assemble



Motor Wheelbase



15.1 x 15.1 x 15.1 inches

8.4 inches

Main (3T), Circle guard (4T), Arm

(5T), Battery Tray (3T)

6.8 oz

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