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Enjoy drone sports at home with Sky Portal.

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SKY PORTAL is a LED Gate for mini drone sports. When a drone passes through Sky Portal, the twelve LED lights around the gate will sparkle to let you know that your drone has successfully passed through the gate, and you'll get 1 point, which will appear on the LED display on the top. Enjoy a thrilling drone sports game with your friends and family! 

Anywhere, Anytime

Are you that type of guy who loves to hang out with friends?

Or are you an extrovert who loves drones and always wants to leave the house?

Then Sky Portal would be a perfect item for you.

With its weight of ____, there is no need to worry about carrying it around.

Just take it anywhere, and place it wherever to wish to.

12 LED Lights, with 4 Different Colors

The twelve LED lights in four different colors around the gate sparkle when a drone passes through the gate. The sparkling lights make you aware that you have successfully earned 1 point.  

LED Screen & Counting Sensor

The LED display and counting sensor are located at the top of the gate. Once the drone passes the gate and your point gets counted, the next count is valid after three seconds. (If the drone passes before 3 seconds, it is highly expected that your score may not be counted) You can turn off the power of the gate by pressing the oval button right next to the LED display. (In any situation when a drone doesn't pass through the middle of the gate properly, it may not be counted since the counting sensor is located in the middle.) 

Three AA Batteries Needed

The Sky Portal LED Gated needs three AA batteries for operation. Make sure to put the batteries in the correct direction.

Leg Assembly

When assembling the legs, fit it in a T-shaped groove located at the bottom of the gate. The end part of the T-shaped groove is blocked in a square shape, therefore the leg will be assembled tightly without being jerky.

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