The remote controller that is optimized for drone soccer.

ST08 is an 8 channel remote controller optimized for drone soccer. It can be easily operated by anyone since it supports both English and Korean. It can also be used for various transportations such as helicopter, aircraft, car, boat, etc. along with an easy-to-understand interface. With its fast response time and 8 channels, it enables you to set up in that specific way you want.


Main Features

Receiver Port Setting
8 Channels
FHSS System
5 Mixing Controls
USB Online Upgrade
User Custom Channel
Wireless Data Copy
Eng/Kor Supported
Dual Engine
Charging by Itself

English / Korean

The default language is English, but you can change the language setting to Korean if you want so.

5 Mixing Controls

Precise & accurate setting is possible according to the user's preference.

FHSS Signal System

Bi-direction transmission & 64-point frequency 3.6ms high-speed hopping.

Dual Engine System Supported

ST08 supports various vehicles that use dual-engine & motor. (Aircraft, boat, train etc.)

USB Online Firmware Upgrade

Online firmware upgrade is supported for free. (Cable needs to be purchased separately)

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