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This special RC can be customized in the way you want. 

ST12D 로고.png

The ST12D Remote Controller is a 12-channel controller that is optimized for drone racing, Striker, and pest-control drones. Its luxurious design and touch LCD panel make it easier for you to control and set up. It is equipped with 10 custom mixing programs for users of various controlling styles. It also supports 180˚/ 270˚ servo, software customization, and is compatible with large rudder angle servo. 

Compatible with not only drones but also with airplanes, vehicles, ships, dual engines, dual-motor robots, and dual-motor boats, ST12D is a multi-ability RC that has excellent general availability since it contains 12 channels and has a fast reaction speed. Whenever you forget to operate some parts during RC control, ST12D will tell you right away through audio guidance, so there's no need to worry. What is special about this RC is that it is equipped with a rubber dust stopper around the throttle area, thus protecting the RC throttle from getting stiff due to dust. 

ST12 기체.png
  • Wireless Data Copy
  • Touch Screen
  • Dual Engine
  • Audio Guidance
  • Dust Stopper
  • Receiver Port Setting
  • 12 channels
  • New FM Protocol
  • 10 Mixing Control
  • USB Online Upgrade
  • User Custom Channel
ST12 기체.png

Affordable but Luxurious.

Affordable price doesn't always mean it is of cheap quality. The quality of the throttle stick has been proved by many existing users already.


Protection from Dust.

Equipped with a rubber dust stopper around the throttle area, the RC throttle is prevented from getting stiff due to dust. 


RF201S Receiver Compatibility

There is no need to change the receiver in the RC for Striker. Just use ST12D.


Receiver Port Setting

​The smooth screen display is enabled for all channels with a high resolution of 4096.

스위치 커스터마이징.png

Switch Customization

All keys on the ST12D controller, including switches, lockers, and rotary knob, etc. can be customized according to user's preference.

무선 데이터 카피.png

Wireless Data Copy

You can transfer data from the transceiver to another ST12D controller wirelessly. (Only possible with the same ST12 controller, RF209S receiver and the same firmware.)

새로운 FH 프로토콜.png

New FH (Frequency Hopping) Protocol

With bi-directional transmission, 64 points of frequency hopping, and 3.6ms of low-latency hopping system, it lets you feel the rapid controlling sense of the controller.

컬러풀 터치스크린.png

Colorful Touch Screen

ST12D supports both English and Korean. Equipped with a touch screen, there is no need to press buttons like other RCs of existing third-parties. You just need to touch the screen to move on to your desired menu.


10 Different Program Mixing

The user can mix 10 different channels in a desired way.


Online Upgrade

The free firmware update is possible online by connecting a USB cable with the computer.

(Cable has to be purchased separately. Only supports Windows OS)


 ST12D Remote Controller 



Operating Voltage

Supported Products


Frequency Band

Frequency Hopping

Data Save







12 channels

3.7V - 6V (1-cell Lithium battery or

18650 Lithium-ion battery x 2)

Helicopter, V.T.O.L, drone, robot,

vehicle, boat etc.

Full-channel 4096 resolution

2.4GHz (Bi-direction)

FHSS (64-point, 3.6ms)

30 groups


English, Korean

USB online upgrade

Colorful touch screen

180°, 270° supported

 RF209S Remote Controller 


Frequency Band

Operating Voltage

Supported Products



Bi-direction Sending

180°, 270°

Receiver Port Setting

External Voltage Detection



3.8V - 6.5V

Helicopter, V.T.O.L, drone, robot,

vehicle, boat etc.

Full-channel 4096 (PPM),

2048 (W.BUS)





DC 0 - 36V

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