Multi chemistry charger for Striker.

Helsel's ST450 multi-charger is a high-quality 100-24-V AC balance charger that is designed to charge 6~8 cell NiMH batteries and LiPo, LiFe, and LiHV batteries in a 2~4 cell balance mode. Circuit voltage is 50W and the maximum charging current is 4A, allowing its users to set according to the battery's capacity and type.


AC Input​

Remaining Battery Measure

Automatic balance setting through built-in balancer


Max. circuit voltage 50W


Short circuit & reverse polarity protection system

Simple UI

Small & easy-to-operate

Detail Setting

Detail Setting according to battery

Simple UI

The complicated process for battery charging is completely eliminated.

ST450's user interface has been designed for anyone to easily operate it without any possible confusion.

- Built-in UI

- Outstanding portability that needs no wire connection

- Design that can be used immediately just with plugging

LED Indicator

When LED is blinking in red & green

Ready to charge

When LED is red

Charged 25%

When LED is blinking in red

Charged 25% ~ 50%

When LED is blinking in yellow

Charged 50% ~ 75%

When LED is blinking in green

Charged 75% ~ 99%

When LED is green

Charged 100%

Air Hole

Balance Connector

Voltage Option Switch

Output Connector

AC Input Connector

Battery Type Indicator

Battery Type Option Switch


Product Name

Chargeable Battery Type

Chargeable Cell

Charging Voltage


Discharging Ratio for

Balance Charging




LiPo, LiFe, LiHV, NiMH

NiMH: 6-8S

1A, 2A, 3A, 4A ±10%




110.7 x 69.4 x 40.5 mm

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