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A brand-new soccer ball

that will represent the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Soccer is by far the most popular global sport with an estimated fan base of more than 3.5 billion people. So what if a whole new kind of sport can be created with a combination of soccer and drones?

Drone soccer is a rising futuristic sport that is created with advanced carbon materials and drone technology. It involves 2 teams of 5 players per team. Each player controls their Striker and has to score a goal by assisting the only one "striker" of their team; which is the only drone from each team that can score a goal by flying into the circular goalpost of the opposing team. The game is played in 3 sets, with 3 minutes per set and 5 minutes of break.


The drone soccer industry is currently growing into a global sport with its endless possibilities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It not only enhances the ability of concentration by scoring and blocking points through offense and defense but also fosters strong teamwork.
Enjoy the thrill of the game and feel the joy of flying with the new concept of sports that anyone can enjoy regardless of their gender. 

Drone soccer is a differentiated game from drone racing. Strikers fiercely collide with each other for the whole 3 minutes in order to score a higher number of goals. A perfect combination of all electric equipment and materials including wings, motors, ESCs, flight controllers, and batteries are required for the smooth progress of a game.


Helsel conducted numerous researches through various flight experiments and practice games in order to find out the perfect combination of equipment and materials that can result in the best performance of the product. So created Striker maximizes the user's satisfaction with its powerful energy. Striker does not require cumbersome soldering for the installation of electric equipment and materials. It can be used by simply connecting flight controllers, motors, and ESCs with a connector. Striker can be a great educational material for drone assembly education in school.

(Note: Components may vary depending on circumstances.)

Drone Soccer Field & Dimension
drone soccer field.png
Droneball Dimension
Goalpost Dimension

Diameter : 15.7"± 0.8"

Weight : Less than 38.8 oz

*LED color for identifying team






White & Red LED light

manual change

Positive Elements Extracted.

High-level of concentration
Figure Skating
Easy-to-enjoy for public
Worldwide sports product company based in Korea

Drone Soccer


With the emergence of drone soccer, the market base will be expanded into a drone-related sports industry of various forms.

Expanding the Drone-related Sports Industry.


Getting Popular.

The drone soccer competition is hosted and held by

local governments and organizations.
It has become a global sporting event beyond the national scale and is growing into a global sport that attracts attention worldwide over the years due to the continued hosting of the competition.

Diverse Activities.