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Trustworthy assistant for Striker. 
Enables a stable and precise flight.
Striker F7 logo.png

Striker F7 underwent numerous researches and flight tests for better control of the drone soccer ball "Striker".

Change of the color of the LED strip is possible just by pushing the button on Stiker F7.

There is no need to use a separate LED controller.

Assembly can also be completed with a simple connector connection without soldering the receiver

and 4-in-1 ESC.

The placement of C-type USB in consideration of the FC settings and the placement of PCB

in consideration of the location of LED & ESC's connection offer convenience to its users by optimizing

the simplicity in using wires.

In addition, Striker F7 is equipped with MPU6000,

which is suitable for a drone soccer game with its strong

durability against impact and vibration. MPU6000 is currently the most popular IMU sensor

that is used in almost all of the best FCs. 

It is possible to sample gyro at 8kHz through the SPI bus and has excellent vibration tolerance. 

Striker F7 is compatible with 3-cell ~ 6-cell

Lithium polymer batteries.  It includes six hardware UARTs, an external l2C, LED-controlling MCU,

RGB LED strip, and WS2812 LED strip

(Controllable from the betaflight).

Installation is an easy process for Striker F7 with the use of a

micro RX connector, 4-in-1 ESC connector, and Low Profile.

Striker F7 Parts


When the PCB is connected to a computer through USB, it is possible to set up the FC device by entering the betaflight setup program. But connecting the power while pressing and holding the 'Boot' button will let you enter the boot mode (firm-up mode) can even ensure safe firmware update.

The firmware update is still possible without pressing and holding the "Boot" button. However, the motor may rotate while updating, thus it is strongly recommended to connect power after pressing and holding the button.

When the boot mode is activated, every function is paused other than the firmware update. Pressing the button after the power connection will allow the change of the color of the LED strip.


The red section of the image above indicates the LED of the Line LED Full Set.

It can be connected through the connection method.


Equipment of MPU 6000 gyro that uses SPI BUS which its stability is recognized in the running competition at beta flight and STM32 F722 MCU.

Screw Hole Location : 1.2" x 1.2"

Connectable 3-Cell ~ 6-Cell Lithium polymer batteries

Supporting 5V 2A BEC output (Default mode is OFF; can be changed to ON)

Increased number of UARTs (6xUARTs) used

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