Datalink RC with real-time video transceiving.

Integration of Video Transmission & Radio Control

  • Foldable smart device supporting structure

  • Compact size

  • Ergonomic design

  • Advanced signal communication

  • Real-time Video Transmission Through Camera

Datalink-based Remote Controller

T10 is a datalink controller that is capable not only of radio control but also of real-time video transceiving with camera equipment.

Great Compatibility

Try connecting T10 using Bluetooth or USB! It supports S.BUS, PPM, and PWM.

Base Transceiver Station App.

You can carry out intelligent waypoint planning, automatic implementation, and tracking through base transceiver station application.

Setting through Mobile App.

You can adjust SBUS, PPM output, and data board speed in the mobile application through Bluetooth or USB cable.

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