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Just to amaze you.

Zealot F PRO vs. Zealot X PRO

2 Million Pixels. HD. Wide-angle Lens.

With a 2 megapixel / 120 degree wide HD camera, the Zealot X offers outstanding picture quality. For better picture quality, you can insert a micro SD card into the camera and take a picture or video through the application. 

Auto Hovering

Auto hovering mode is now one of the most common functions of introductory drones. With Zealot X's ability to take-off and land automatically, it has become much easier for its users to control. Not only that, its barometer equipment also makes it possible to maintain its altitude.

Mode 1 & 2 Support

Zealot X supports both modes, allowing beginners to be adapted to both.

Headless Mode

There is no need to be concerned about the direction where the head of the drone is heading to. 

Don't be confused!

With headless mode, you can control your drone according to your body's direction.

Drone Control with Application

Can't find where the RC is?

No problem. Just turn Zealot X on and connect your smartphone's Wi-Fi to Zealot X's Wi-Fi. With Zealot X Application on, you can freely control your Zealot X in the way you want.

Smartphone Motion Flight

Try tiling your phone. Surprising, isn't it?

As you tilt your phone forward / backward / left / right, your Zealot X will follow tilting in the angle of your phone.

VR Mode

Zealot X also supports VR mode! Enjoy a thrilling flight realistically!

Speed Control (Sports Mode)

You can control Zealot X at the speed you prefer.

There are three levels of speed in total and you can choose any speed you want.


Do a 360-degree flip with Zealot X even if you are just a beginner!

Just press the flip button on the RC and you'll be amazed!

Track Route Function

Now Track Route function is applied to a low-cost introductory drone too! There is no need to spend your whole budget to buy a super-costly drone. 

Voice Control Function

Command your Zealot X and it will follow your words! Commands Zealot X can understand are the following: Forward, Back up, left side, right side, go up, go down.

Emergency Cut Off

In an emergency situation, press 'Stop', and your Zealot X will immediately fall down, losing its control.

Remember, this function is for emergency situation only so use it only when it's urgent.


Product Name





Flight Distance 

Flight Duration

Charging Time


Propeller Guard


RC Mode




Application Support

Zealot-X PRO


6-axis gyro

325 x 325 x 120 mm (When

propeller is unfolded)


Approx. 50m (Depends on

surrounding environment)

Approx. 6 min. (Depends on

flight style)

Approx. 50 min. (Depends on

remaining battery life)

Li-Po 650mAh battery


Coreless motor

Mode 1 & 2 supported

2 million pixels / 120˚ FOV camera (AD, PRO)

Image: 2560 x 1440 / Video: 1280 x 720

Wi-Fi supported

Application control


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